Selecting a Memory Lamp: A Thoughtful Sympathy Gift

Posted by by J. Malec, One World Memorials on 23rd Feb 2017

During times of sadness, loss, or difficulty, memory lamps emanate a comforting glow of light. At other milestones, their beauty and unique design can honor a birth, or another special occasion. They can rekindle memories of a departed loved one, or of good times shared, and the warmth that exists in the spirit of closeness. Hand-blown glass and Tiffany-inspired pieces, such as the Laurel Pillar Uplight Lamp, provide a presence of lasting beauty, and make a unique gift.

Why choose a memory lamp?

Soderberg's Floral & Gift has sourced wonderfully handcrafted Tiffany-inspired remembrance lamps. Their lighting products are made with high end art glass and possess the qualities of:

  • Timeless Appeal – each lamp becomes a treasured keepsake that lasts for generations.
  • Work of Art - each piece is carefully handcrafted by artisans making it unique.
  • Lasting Memories - each piece provides a tangible expression of love, compassion, support and warmth from giver to recipient.
  • Additionally, the power of light enhances the wonderful memories that remind you of those special moments you shared, while also bringing warmth and comfort to you. 

How do I use a memory lamp?

The glow of a memory lamp gracefully complements a cremation urn as part of a memorial display at a service. It can also add warmth when displayed in the home as part of a memorial niche. As an art piece, it can stand alone anywhere in a home, office, or studio. Unlike flowers or votive candles, a memory lamp will last for years to come.

You may choose memorial lamps with a design that holds symbolic meaning for you or for the bereaved. A specific design may align closely with your or the deceased's sense of self and importance or wishes. For example, an angel may watch over your loved one’s transition from here to the beyond. A dragonfly often represents harmony between the worlds of spirit and matter. Other animals are seen as messengers from beyond. And often a lily is viewed as a symbol of life everlasting. Religious memory lamps honor the departed with a sense of eternal life.

Memory lamps have also become popular gifts to commemorate milestones, such as a birth, special birthday, graduation, wedding or retirement.

Several ways to incorporate these luminous objects of beauty into memorial customs can be:

  • A gift of light sparking the cherished memories for a lifetime to grace your home.
  • For those unable to attend the service, suggest the opportunity to send the grieving family a Memory Lamp that conveys a special thoughtfulness and will be uniquely appreciated for years to come.
  • Remembrance Lamps can be displayed with flowers at the loved one’s wake, adding ambiance as well as a touch of warmth and comfort.
  • Use your existing cards, picture frames and wrapping to add a personal touch to this gift.

Memory lamp designs

The Handblown Mercury Glass Angel Lily Lamp memory lamp provides an alternative to lighting a candle. Another choice of a religious-themed lamp is the Allistar Amber Cross Lamp. This is a classic baroque style lamp crafted from over 100 pieces of hand cut amber and brown glass with an iridescent finish.

The Butterfly Wings Accent Lamp will help capture special memories in its brilliantly assembled 100-plus pieces of hand-cut stained glass.

Bereavement lamps hold a magical appeal that convey your love, thoughtfulness, sympathy, compassion in a lasting glow of light. They make a wonderful bereavement gift, or a gift to celebrate a birth, a birthday, or many special occasions.

But that's not all!

These gorgeous lamps are some of our most popular, but we have many more lamps in stock. Stop by the store or check out our website for our current offerings. We have something for everyone and can help you find the perfect lamp for any occasion!

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